Have you ever felt like you absolutely do not know what to do and how to improve a situation? Have you ever felt like you cannot find a way out? Have you ever felt like missing something so bad?
That's how I'm feeling and how I've been feeling for months now- subconsciously at least. 


So 'ne Scheiße!! Verdammt!

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"Breaking dawn": analysis

"I could hear her heart, thumping unevenly. Keep it going, I thought fiercely at her, blowing another gust of air into her body. You promised. Keep your heart beating."

"Breaking dawn", page 351

"You stay with me now, Bella!" I yelled at her. "Do you hear me? Stay! You're not leaving me. Keep your heart beating!"

"Breaking dawn", page 352


Das lass ich jetzt einfach mal so stehen... But it fits...

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Sie, [meine beste Freundin], ist kein Ersatz für ihn, [meinen besten Freund].


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It's hard

to give up friendship because there is another person you love simply more.
And that is just the step you have to take.

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Looking for - Having found?!!!

Das folgende ist so vom Autor übernommen; für Fehler nehme ich keine Haftung

"Now I know that I've just been looking
for someone who is there for me when I'm down
for someone who can hold me in his arms
to show me that he likes me
to show me that I'm worth it

In you I finally found the person
I've been looking for all my life
The person I can trust
The person I can tell everything I think
without being scared of someone
laughing at my deepest thoughts."

© G.B., 3. Juni 2007

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Tolles Buch.


Toller Film.

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